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Aronia Berries

A really healthy addition to your lifestyle

In addition to Lavender, we have an aronia garden with more than 300 plants,  Like Lavender, Aronia has been making its way into our lives because of its amazing health benefits.  According to, aronia berries are:

  • rich in antioxidants

  • high in fiber

  • contain cancer fighting capabilities

  • fights cold and flu

  • treats UTIs

  • good source of iron

  • increases WTC

  • fights cardiovascular disease

  • decreases inflammation

  • regulates blood sugar levels  

Live aronia plants are available at Mid-Michigan Lavender.  Do some research!  You will probably find that you would like to take home an aronia plant along with your lavender plants.  Your garden will fast become your own personal medicine cabinet.  

Rowan, Aronia Aronia, Chokeberry (Latin
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